Mission Statement/Core Values

Oilfield Labs of America is an analytical laboratory network with a business goal and mission of providing the highest quality analytical testing in the fastest time possible to our clients in the oilfields and petroleum industry across America.

Our vision is to be recognized as a preferred analytical laboratory that excels in testing specific to our petroleum industry clients needs. It is the explicit policy of Oilfield Labs of America management to ensure that our services meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. Oilfield Labs of America will achieve our mission by using the most up to date, recommended methodologies, by providing excellent service to our customers with regard to quality and timeliness, by the continuing technical development of our staff, by contributing to our community, and by operating with a high degree of integrity in everything we do

Our core values define and characterize how we as Oilfield Labs of America employees conduct ourselves in our drive for tangible, lasting results and are as indispensable to success as our unifying mission and vision. Our core values include:

Safety – Provide a safe work environment with a corporate commitment.

Quality – Providing quality data through use of state of the art instrumentation and industry approved standard methods, and continually working to evaluate and improve laboratory processes.

Integrity –Promoting accountability, avoiding potential conflicts of interest, and complying with all environmental regulations.
Customer Focus- Listen and understand the needs of our clients, through use of a flexible, diverse professional staff with strong leadership.

Teamwork – Leveraging our skills and talents across our laboratory network to provide our customers the highest quality data possible.

Learning – Ensuring core competencies and employing a highly trained and versatile laboratory workforce by continually improving our skills and increasing our technical knowledge.

Our goal of customer satisfaction will be achieved through the consistency, quality, and efficiency provided by the effective adherence to our ISO/IEC 17025 compliant Quality Management System. All personnel concerned with testing activities within the laboratory are required to familiarize themselves with the quality documentation and implement our policies and procedures in their work.

It is the explicit policy of the Oilfield Labs of America management team to ensure that our services meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. We accomplish this by providing the resources necessary for precise, accurate and timely data, and continually striving to improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.